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CLUB TRYOUTS 2017-2018

  • Monday 5th June:     6-8pm at Brookwood (u9 to u12 Boys & Girls)
  • Tuesday 6th June:    6-7:30pm at Tower (u9 to u12 Boys & Girls)

  • Monday 12th June:    6-8pm at Brookwood (u13 to u18 Boys & Girls)
  • Tuesday 13th June: 6-8pm at Danvers Indoor Sports (u13 to u18 Boys & Girls)

please bring an inflated ball & water bottle - shin pads are also mandatory

  • Register for tryouts click HERE
  • Directions to tryout locations click HERE

Please register your child for tryouts online.
  1. Arrive 30 minutes early to check in to ensure your child is ready.
  2. Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in and receive a tryout number
  3. Players should bring an inflated ball, a water bottle & wear a white T-shirt. Shin pads are also mandatory.
  4. At the conclusion of the tryout there will be discussion on the 2017-2018 club season for parents. Please attend. Handouts will also be provided to supplement the talk.
    If you are offered a spot on a team and want to accept you will need to log on and register for the appropriate program within a given deadline. As part of registration all families will be required to set up an automated credit card payment via credit card or pay in full via credit card. Please make the appropriate choice.

After tryouts are completed ...
      1. Notification of tryout decisions ... will be made up to 72 hours following the last tryout time either by email or phone.

      2. If you cannot make the tryout ... contact Director of Coaching Mike Grubor at mgrubor@comcast.net or call (617) 962-8267. We are looking for players year round.

      3. Attendance of tryouts ... we recommend you attend both tryouts if you are serious about the team and want to be evaluated accurately.

      4. Playing up ... Our policy is for players to play at their own age group. We may consider requests to play up on an older team but must be approved by the Director of Coaching.

      5. Inclement weather ... DIS is indoor. Brookwood has a turf field so its unlikely that the tryout will be cancelled. However, if the Tower tryout is cancelled it will ONLY be due to very severe weather notice will be posted on our web-site, Facebook & Twitter. Please check frequently. note: again, the weather would have to be very severe for this to happen.

If you are interested playing for any of our teams please contact us at mgrubor@comcast.net

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