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Note: BSC wan formerly known as BSA

“My son is having the best season I have seen him have in a long time! Participating in your summer camp at Tower School brought a new found love for the sport and some great new skills. Thank you!”
Rhonda, Boy 10

“BSA has provided awesome summertime soccer opportunities for our kids for many years. In fact, BSA was the first group that offered scholarships for a handful of our deserving and committed kids to attend its popular camp sessions in Beverly. That’s why we were so thrilled when they started offering clinics closer to us at the Greater Lawrence Technical School. BSA coaches always “bring it,” with expertise, energy, engagement and affection for our kids. Their passion for coaching has impacted hundreds of our players in so many important ways, on and off the field. We are grateful for their continued partnership.
Thank you BSA!”
Stephanie, DOC local Youth Soccer Association

Our two daughters trained with Ralph and BSA for 4 years. They both had great experiences and developed a very solid foundation to build on. Ralph really takes the time to get to know and understand all his players and works hard to ensure they learn and develop as players.”
Bill, Girls 13 and 15

Great set up. Coach Ralph does an amazing job with the young ones.”
Gary, Boy 8

Ralph Ferrigno coached both of my boys for years. Each year, their skills, endurance and love of the sport grew. We appreciated his experience as a coach and the emphasis he places on player development and good sportsmanship.”
Stephanie, Boys 13 and 15

Our 12 year old daughter has always enjoyed their camps and mini skill sessions. Well organized.”
Mandy, Girl 12

"My 10 year old son's game has improved so much!
Thanks to Ralph and his coaching staff".
Anthony, Boy 10

"My son absolutely loved his weeks at BSA last summer and he talked about it all year! He thinks Coach Ralph is a great, inspiring coach - even though he’s a Liverpool fan!"
Julia, Boy 9

Both of my children have attended BSA camps over the years, overnight and day.  When searching for a quality camp I asked around and was directed to Boston Soccer Academy.  From the beginning it was apparent that the coaches were knowledgeable and understood what was first and foremost important, the players.  My son and daughter both had fun, improved technically and continued to go back, year after year.  During the time BSA had competitive teams my daughter played and continued to improve on the foundation she started to build at camp.  Over the years I realized that the quality of the camps and club teams was a result of the leadership of Coach Ralph.  His many years of experience with a variety of levels of soccer enables him to structure quality programs that are both fun and technically strong.  My daughter loves the game and is now committed to play soccer at a D1 University and I have no doubt that is a result of the foundations Coach Ralph started to build at camp.
I would highly recommend BSA summer soccer camp to any parent who wants their child to learn the game in a positive, fun and technically strong environment.”
David, Son & daughter now college age

My son had only played town league soccer in his young age groups. We knew of nothing more for being able to play youth soccer. And then I found out about BSA and everything changed. We looked into many programs, but BSA stood out with the way they instruct and most of all they show how much they care about the kids. Many other programs were all about looking for a payment and throwing kids into the mix. BSA was different as they focus on the kids and their success. It is a FANTASTIC organization and experience for your kids. I thank them for making my son the strong player he is now..”
George, Boy 15

Brandon had the best soccer memories with BSA!”
Ana, Boy 16

My son played for BSA and attended the camps. He had a lot fun and great training! Highly recommended.
Carrie, Boy 16

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