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I hope your soccer year is going well. I am aware that many youth soccer associations bring in "Pro" soccer coaches to work with their players and coaches. Indeed, I myself, since 2011, have been conducting regular soccer clinics with Marblehead, Watertown & Swampscott YSA's. We also work with the Beyond Soccer organization in Lawrence.

Overall, we are trying to develop a program for Youth Soccer Associations that is top notch. We are amenable to working with a limited number of Youth Soccer Associations in the forseeable future. We do not want to spread ourselves too thin as running a quality Soccer program is our top priority. We can work with any age group, boys or girls, and all ability levels

Boston Soccer Academy works with YSA's with the express intention ....
  1. to raise the technical level of your players in particular age groups over the course of a season
  2. to involve parent & volunteer coaches in the program in order to help them coach their players and their teams.

We have observed general issues that are shared by all Youth Soccer Associations but we also realize that each YSA is unique and therefore have challenges that are individual to them alone. Let us know what you are looking with your program for and we will work to develop & design a youth soccer program that best fulfills your needs according to the resources that you currently have available. 

Our hope is over time to develop a relationship with your Youth Soccer Association. Once we have assessed your resources and the numbers of children/coaches we will make recommendations on how we feel that your program can develop and improve from our perspective over future seasons. I think of it as Pro Soccer coaches PLUS!! 

Your YSA is not bound to take on board all of our recommendations but I would like to think that we can offer much of positive value to you and much for you to consider as you seek to improve & grow your program. 

We recognize that the goals of each YSA may vary but as experienced Professional coaches we at Boston Soccer Academy care and love the game and want to pass on our knowledge and experience to each and every group we work with. We would like to think we have much to offer!!

We are a Greater Boston based group. As of now I have a strong staff of local coaches: Ron Dienstmann (Brazilian FA), Candice Dangora (ex-Aztecs), Balash Salamatbakhsh (Fusion FC), Sam Georges (Barbados FA) & Matt Groppo (NSCAA Licensed Coach). I also have 2 experienced on staff on a full-time basis. Kenny Finn & Aaron Auslander. Keep your eyes open for future announcements about coaches I am interested in bringing over from the UK! The coaches I have in mind have coached on the BSA clinics in the past. They are highly licensed coaches with ties over their soccer careers to professional & academy teams in the UK. 

We aim to establish a continuous & consistent program over time for the YSA's we work and have a relationship with. I believe that the fact that we are based & live in the area means we are strongly invested in the locale on a personal level.

If there is interest or if you would like to findout more about Boston Soccer Academy and our various clinic programs. I would be delighted to meet with representatives or members of your board at your convenience. Please email me at CoachFerrigno@gmail.com. We would be happy to come by and run a complementary clinic for your Youth Soccer Association.

To repeat, we are only seeking relationships with a limited number of Youth Soccer Associations. At present, we are looking to take bookings for Fall 2014 and beyond. We will also consider other options at any time in the future. I hope to hear from you!

Best Wishes,
Director, Boston Soccer Academy
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