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Summer Clinic FAQ's
1). Are there places left on the weekly programs?
Assume that there are unless it is noted on the first page of the web-site or it is stated on the camp voicemail.
2). Do I have to signup for 2 weeks of clinic at a particular site?
No! Sometimes people think you have to signup for both weeks of Wellesley or Shore. Not at all, one week is fine if it better fits your schedule.
3). Do I have to attend the clinic as part of a team or a group?
Again - no!! The majority of participants probably come by themselves or with a friend or sibling. We may have teams or groups at all sessions but even at the overnight camps, which are the most popular week for team signups, many of the participants come by themselves or with a friend.
4). When is the halfday program advisable on a fullday clinic?
In our opinion the majority of children grades 1-3 are better suited to the halfday program. However, this is not a hard & fast rule. Children develop and mature at different rates!! We also understand that it is not practical for some families. Not to worry we have a great staff and structured program so we can handle the youngsters for a full week Monday to Thursday!!

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