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note: this is a residential camp with day options

BSC offers the following programs within our overnight camp:

1). ADVANCED CAMP - COED for players in Grades 4-5.
2). ELITE CLUB CAMP - COED for players in Grades in 6-8.
3). ELITE HIGH SCHOOL CAMP - COED for players in Grades 9-12.
4). GOALKEEPER CAMP - COED for players in Grades 4-12.

     The BSC Elite Overnight Camp is designed for players are seeking a more competitive challenge. That could be either at club, state or regional level or for those who will be playing at High School level in the coming Fall. For rising Juniors & Seniors we are very happy to provide College evaluations.

  • BSC believes that players should be given the freedom to express themselves on the pitch without the fear of making mistakes in a pressure free but yet challenging environment. Our “total football” philosophy emphasizes developing complete players technically & tactically so they can perform in any situation on the field. We believe developing the passion and love for the game is a key component to a player’s development. 

     The overall Elite Overnight camp sets 2 concurrent goals:
  1. To prepare all players for the coming Fall soccer season,
  2. To prepare & evaluate all players so that they can reach the next level either at club, High School or College level as well as beyond  if they so desire.

  • Time - Camp starts 1:30pm Sunday & runs until 12 noon on Thursday.
  • Camp Equipment - Campers receive a T-shirt, a ball & an evaluation to give them tips & feedback for future improvement

  • State of the Art Accomodation!!  All players will be housed in the Lombard Residence Hall at Curry College and will be under the supervision of the AVSC and Curry College Staff, who stay in the dorms on the same level with the players. Curry College will be providing our players with ID cards to access the student center for meals and their residence hall, both conveniently located within a short walking distance of the turf and grass athletic fields. Important -  Attendees must bring the following linens:Twin-sized sheets, pillow(s) and towels. 

  • Meals - All meals are provided at the first class dining-room at Curry College.
  • Program Themes - Our emphasis is on a combination of individual technique and group tactics in a highly competitive yet enjoyable environment. We aim to challenge! In terms of training each day has a theme: 

  • Morning theme: Principles of Defending or Positional Training - defending for players in all postions, in all parts of the field.

  • Afternoon theme: Principles of Attacking or Team Training - these sessions cover everything from shooting & finishing through to how to attack in combinations.

  • Evening theme - The evening program consists of games followed by talks by highly esteemed & experienced staff. The games reflect some of the themes worked upon earlier in the day. Evening talks follow. The camp is divided into groups. Some talks examine the College recruiting process and what is required to play at that level. Topics that may be covered include contacting College coaches, dealing with the NCAA and going through the recruiting process in general. Other talks discuss ways to improve your game and enhance your play for the coming Fall season.

  • Regen/Recovery SessionsIn order to perform at the highest level, players will learn the importance of taking care of their body both before and after physical activity. Players will participate in individually tailored regeneration sessions designed by the coaching staff.

  • GoalkeepersGoalkeepers will train in a highly competitive environment focusing on the development of every aspect of this specialized position. Under the guidance of our GK Staff. All Goalkeeper coaches have a wealth of experience working with youth and collegiate goalkeepers, and will help deliver success and build a players' self-confidence both on and off the field. 

  • Educational Classroom SessionsPlayers will participate in interactive classroom sessions that look to educate them on different aspects of the game such as formations, tactics, nutrition and leadership. 

  • Evaluations - All players receive an end of week evaluation which aims to give feedback on the players performance over the week as well providing some tips & ideas for future improvements to their game. Juniors and Seniors will receive specific College Evaluations to send to the colleges of their choice. We will conduct an evening program for Juniors & Seniors on all aspects of recruiting & preparation to play at College.

  • Athletic TrainersAthletic trainers from Curry College will be on-site for the duration of all field sessions during the 2019 overnight camp. The training staff will ensure all players have constant access to water and hydration drinks both at the fields and in the dorms, as well as personalized treatment should any player experience an injury or illness. 

  • Commuter Option - Players arrive at 8:30 & must be in attendance through 8:00pm. There is also an Advanced Day camp option which is offered approximately 8:30-4:00. The halfday option can be for either morning or afternoon sessions.

  • Team Options - The Elite Overnight is a popular choice for teams. If you are interested in bringing your team please contact VINNIE MUSTO at vinnie@abbeyvillasoccer.com for more information. Coaches can feel free to discussing topics and other areas that they would like their team to concentrate upon whilst at camp.

7-8 am: Breakfast

8:45 am: Gather and Stretch
Preparation & injury limitation
9:00 am: Technical Warmup
Dribbling, turning, fast footwork etc.
10:00 am: Principles of Defence         OR
Positional Training
11:15 am: End of Morning Session

12:00 am: Lunch

1:30 pm: Technical Warm Up
Technique in small groups - 2's, 3's etc
2:00 pm: Principles of Defence           OR
Team Training
4:00 pm: End of Afternoon Session

5:00 pm: Dinner
 6:30 pm: Games  -  11 vs 11, small-sided or
 conditioned games
 9:00 pm:  Evening Talk and Analysis Video-
 tape Session if appropriate
 10:30 pm: LIGHTS OUT

  • Campers on the Elite Overnight Camps are those who are wanting to get ready for the coming club or high school season. We understand many players are looking to improve their game in readiness for the High School season. The preseason preparation we will give you will help you be ready to give your best in your school's preseason tryouts. Younger players may have slightly different goals as they are more likely to be trying to make the step up to Varsity.

  • Club players will be looking get ready for their fall season as well. They will be looking for that extra edge to help them compete to a higher level than their past season.

  • College Prep campers are typically Club, Olympic Development and High School Varsity level players. These players have intentions of playing at the college level.


  • CURRY COLLEGE, Milton, MA (Sunday 1:30 pm to Thursday noon) Elite Overnight, GRADES 9-12, Day Options also available, please see below.
Extended Day Camper (8:30-8) & Day Camp (8:30-4) programs available.

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