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If you are interested in working for BOSTON SOCCER CAMPS
on our summer clinics this year details are below.

Coach/Athletic Trainer Application
In total we will be running up to 7 weeks of summer clinics. The BSC online staff application is at the bottom of this page. Please fill it out & select the weeks you are interested in. Your application will be emailed automatically to the BSA office. We will be happy to consider you. Preference may be given to those who can work the entire schedule.
We generally offer the following positions:
Senior Coach: Highly Licensed coaches with a strong, solid background & good-level coaching experience.
Intermediate Coach: Lower license level/less experienced coach.
Counselor/Assistant Coach: Current college student or candidates under 21 y.o.
Athletic Trainers: Massachusetts licensed athletic trainers.
Medical Insurance: All staff members must have medical insurance & should include relevant information on the application form. All staff must subsequently fill in a BSC Health History Form after the contract is issued.
British Staff: British coaches must work on a legal JI visa through the BUNAC program. Costs incurred through BUNAC will be reimbursed at the end of the summer. British staff must provide proof of their coaching licenses when submitting their applications. We generally look to bring over coaches 24 years of age and older with strong coaching & playing background. The staff we select must be hard-working with a strong concept for working within our team & staffing structure. A clean driving license is also desirable.

Additionally, staff members will have to have a Criminal & Sexual Offender background checks and must submit a satisfactory BSC health history form. We will submit the necessary documents to you so that this may be accomplished.

If you have any questions about staffing, please contact us at admin@bostonsocceracademy.com

For staff members already hired...
Please click here ---> STAFF PAPERWORK
to take care of the necessary paperwork to satisfy
Mass Board of Health Regulations.
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